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About SEP



SMU’s Safety and Emergency Preparedness (SEP) Team was established to provide a more focussed oversight in the areas of safety training, planning and management of activities and events organised by SMU students and the larger SMU community. The SEP Team is also assisting the university with organisational emergency preparedness (EP).


SEP’s Safety Policy

SMU SEP Team is committed to building and providing a safe environment for the SMU Community through the continual development of a positive safety culture.

We aim to achieve this by:-

  • Promoting the importance of safety awareness and safety leadership
  • Educating and training on safety management systems
  • Periodically reviewing safety SOPs and performance standards
  • Providing guidance and advice on crisis and safety management matters


In line with our Safety Policy, the SEP Team assumes the following core functions towards inculcating a positive safety culture in SMU:

  • Safety Education and Training
  • Safety Consultation
  • Safety Audits
  • Incident Reporting

In our consultations with student groups, the SEP Team aims to provide education, guidance and direction on safety matters.  These consultations, along with the implementation of safety protocols and procedures, will go a long way in developing “hardware”, “software” and “heartware” for a safe learning environment in SMU.


Last updated on 07 Sep 2015 .