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Arts Facilities



Arts & Culture Centre

A multi-purpose space used for rehearsals and performances. The ACC is treated with acoustic curtains, has movable panel mirrors, and comes equipped with AV support and theatre lighting. The centre is an intimate setting for performances, recitals, film screenings and discussions that can seat up to 150.

Multi-purpose Hall

The new Multi-purpose Hall, located at the former students' CCA Office along the concourse, is divided into two sections — a mirrored section which can be used by arts groups as dance or rehearsal space, and a sports section where sports groups can conduct their training practices. The two sections can be combined to form a large rehearsal venue if required.

Basement Studio

This studio, at the basement car park beneath the Business School, consists of an open area for rehearsals and a separate jamming studio with a full set of band equipment and instruments. The Basement Studio has acoustically-treated walls suitable for music rehearsals. The area also houses our AV equipment.

Campus Radio Studio

Home of SMU Broadcast and Entertainment, this studio under the Li Ka Shing Library contains two soundproof suites for radio production and one editing suite for SMUBE's Campus TV. Equipped to industry standards, this is where SMUBE Campus TV and Radio members hone their skills round the clock working on their next radio programme or TV episode.


Last updated on 22 Jul 2013 .