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Safety Resources

Safety Resources

The SEP Team has prepared various documents to assist SMU students, faculty and staff in their planning for the safety aspects of events, activities and overseas trips.

Being prepared is essential to ensuring safety in all our activities.  The SEP Team has developed the GO PREPARED model for Event Planning which organisers can refer to during the planning and preparation stages of events.  The document then compiles key safety templates into one document to facilitate the submission of key safety information to the SEP Team.  These templates include the RAMS form (RAMS), the Emergency Action Plan (EAP) and Participants’ Information.  Do note that while this set of the documents may be comprehensive, it is not exhaustive, so please contact the SEP Team if further assistance is needed.

  •  GO PREPARED Document​​Incorporates key safety templates in one location to facilitate the submission of safety proposals to the SEP Team.  It includes the RAMS form, the Emergency Action Plan (EAP) and Participants’ Information templates, and includes user notes and checklist to aid in event planning and information sourcing.

The following templates are also available for use if needed.

  •   Emergency Action Plan TemplateA flowchart that outlines the course of action taken by student leaders and key contact numbers during an emergency in student activities, events and overseas trips.  
  •   Participants’ Information TemplateIncludes participants’ key details such as pre-existing medical conditions and next-of-kin information, for use by organisers of events and overseas trips.

If you are planning to go overseas, the following documents will help you and your team in preparing for your trip.

The following Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are available for your information and reference when planning for an event.

  • SOP on Medical Support Requirements: A document that outlines the consideration factors and steps taken to determine the level of medical support/coverage required for SMU Events.

Use of Safety Centre

The SMU Safety Centre is a dedicated training centre for Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS), CPR+AED and safety education. Student leaders who wish to use the Safety Centre for their safety training and meetings can contact us at for enquiries on availability. 

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Last updated on 06 May 2016 .