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Student Association


The SMU Students' Association (SMUSA) was formed in 2000 by its pioneer batch of students. Its aim is to build a cohesive and close-knit community of students. Every matriculated SMU undergraduate is a member of the SMUSA.

More information about the SMU Students’ Association can be found at

Students' Association Executive Committee

The SMUSA represents the interests and welfare of the student community and establishes communication channels between students, student leaders and university administration.

It also provides support to all student clubs to increase and enhance the level of student participation in CCAs. Concurrently, it enacts the guidelines and procedures that govern the entire Association.

An Executive Committee, commonly known as the SMUSA ExCo, runs these operations of the SMUSA.

Students' Association Council

The Students' Association Council or SMUSA Council in short, is the policy-making arm of the SMUSA and provides strategic direction to its executive arm, the SMUSA ExCo. As a student government body, it is the highest office of student leadership in SMU.

With a variety of student clubs catering to diverse CCA in SMU, such clubs come under the administrative purview of school-based and non-school-based Constituent Bodies, or CBds.

The Presidents of these CBds and members of the SMUSA ExCo make up the SMUSA Council. The President of the SMUSA Executive Committee is also the concurrent President of the SMUSA Council.


The 12th SMUSA Council members, who serve their term in 2016:




Front row from left: Toshin Canute Sequeira (SMUSA Assets Secretary), Chelsea Koh Wen Jie (SMUSA Honorary General Secretary), Fu Fei (SMUSA President), Ria Kapoor (SMUSA Vice-President), Sanjey G Sangkar (SMUSA Honorary Finance Secretary), Tan Zhe Ching (SMUSA Events Secretary)

Middle row from left: Zhang Feiran (SMUSA Communications Secretary), Matthew Lim Tian Wang (Bizcom President/SMUSA Corporate Relations Secretary), Shawn Hew (ASoc President), John Ser Kok Weai (BONDUE President),  Keefe Tan Zhi Yang (SISS President), Yap Kay Hian (Oikos President), Esse Chua Ai Xin (SMUSA International Secretary/ICON President)

Back row from left: Kenneth Yeo Yaoren (SICS President), Mervin Ho Keng Mun (SMUSA Academic and Welfare Secretary), Andrew Wong Wei Kiat (The Bar President), Ang Kheng Kiat (SOSCIETY President), Shannon Koh Zhikai (SSU President), Yu Xiao Xiang @ Myo Min Naing (SMUX President), Tan Xining (ACF President)


Fu Fei

SMU Students' Association Council & Executive Committee


Presidents, Constituent Bodies SMU Students' Association Executive Committee
Tan Xining
President, Arts and Cultural Fraternity (ACF)
Ria Kapoor
Vice President
Shannon Koh Zhikai
President, SMU Sports Union (SSU)
Chelsea Koh Wen Jie
Honorary General Secretary
Yu Xiao Xiang @ Myo Min Naing 
President, SMUXtremists (SMUX)
Sanjey G Sangkar
Honorary Finance Secretary
Kenneth Yeo Yaoren
President, Special Interest & Community Service Sodality (SICS)
Toshin Canute Sequeira 
Assets Secretary
Shawn Hew
President, SMU Accounting Society (Asoc)
Zhang Feiran
Communications Secretary
John Ser Kok Weai
President, SMU Business Society (BONDUE)
Tan Zhe Ching
Events Secretary
Yap Kay Hian
President, SMU Economics Society (OIKOS)
Mervin Ho Keng Mun
Academic & Welfare Secretary
Keefe Tan Zhi Yang
President, SMU Information Systems Society (SISS)
Esse Chua Ai Xin
International Students' Secretary (ICON)
Ang Kheng Kiat 
President, SMU Social Sciences Student Society (SOSCIETY)
Matthew Lim Tian Wang
Corporate Relations Secretary (BizCom)
Andrew Wong Wei Kiat
President, SMU Law Society (The Bar)

Constituent Bodies
The CBds are the governing body for CCA clubs and societies. There are four non-school CBds and six school CBds looking after more than 100 student clubs in SMU.

Arts and Cultural Fraternity (ACF)
The ACF is the constituent body that oversees and represents the interests of all arts and cultural clubs in SMU. It also plans events such as EVE, an arts appreciation night, to increase participation of SMU students in arts and cultural activities. Adopting the motto: Feeling it, loving it, flaunting it!, ACF makes sure that arts is an integral part of the SMU community.

Many of these clubs, like Symphonia, Eurhythmix, InDanCity, Caderas Latinas, Samba Masala and SoundFoundry perform regularly at university events, and are also invited to showcase their talents by external organisations.

SMU Sports Union (SSU)
SSU is the constituent body established to oversee the management of all sporting activities in SMU. With more than 40 different sports clubs under its umbrella, SSU's vision is to build a sporting culture in SMU and for every SMU student to see the value that sport adds to their lives.

SMUXtremists (SMUX)
Established in 2000, SMUX represents the outdoor adventure constituency in SMU. With six clubs (biking, diving, kayaking, skating, trekking, XSeed) under her wing, SMUX promotes adventure amongst the varsity body. Through various activities and expeditions (some to as far as Africa!), SMUX members also develop valuable leadership and life skills.

Special Interest and Community Service Sodality (SICS)
SICS was constituted in 2006 as a constituent body to assist with the establishment and growth of special interest and community service CCA in SMU. There are close to 30 clubs under SICS.

SMU Business Society (Bondue)
Bondue is the constituent body representing the Lee Kong Chian School of Business. Its aim is to inculcate a sense of identity; serve as a channel for direct communication between faculty and students; and provide a platform for the advancement of the members' interests and competencies in the area of Business Management.

SMU Accounting Society (Asoc)
Asoc is the constituent body representing the School of Accountancy. Its focus is to promote interaction among its members and to provide a platform for the advancement of the members' interests and competencies in the field of Accountancy.

School of Information Systems Students' Society (SISS)
SISS is the constituent body representing the School of Information Systems. Its aim is to look after the interests and welfare of all SIS students and champion a committed SMU community.

SMU Economics Society (Oikos)
Oikos is the constituent body representing students of the School of Economics. It aims to uphold  the interests and welfare of all Economics students by acting as the students' voice. It also strives to increase a sense of belonging to the School by encouraging students to participate in school events.

SMU Social Sciences Society (SOSCIETY)
SOSS is the constituent body representing the School of Social Sciences. Its aim is to look after the interests and welfare of all Social Sciences students. Its vision for all Social Science students is to "Strive for Excellence and Pursue Opportunities as a Cohesive Community."

SMU Law Society (The Bar)
The Bar is the constituent body representing the School of Law. Its vision is three-fold: building a fun, loving and cohesive community; increasing SMU Law's exposure and relevance to the legal fraternity; and establishing itself as a premier school CBd that law students can rely on.

SMUSA Standing Committees

Under SMUSA, there are also five Standing Committees which assist the SMUSA ExCo to fulfill their roles and responsibilities. Find out about what they offer here

Past Presidents

In each batch of student leaders, none stands out more than the President of the SA. Read more about these trail-blazers here.

Student clubs

Under the CBds, there are over 100 student clubs that cater to the exciting array of interests of the SMU community. Find one that suits your niche here.


Last updated on 21 Jan 2016 .