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Student Leadership

“The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been"
~Henry Kissinger

OSL's Student Leadership (SL) unit seeks to develop socially concerned and responsible students through student development approaches by providing opportunities for leadership training.

This is achieved through directly supporting the leadership training and activities of the Students' Association Council (SAC), the Students' Association Executive Committee (SA Exco); and indirectly supporting the leadership training and activities of other student constituent bodies (CBds).

To equip our student leaders, the unit has formulated a leadership training roadmap and organises a variety of Student Leadership Training Programmes such as Facilitation Training, Team Development sessions, Games Leadership as well as Psychometric Profiling Workshops for intra and inter-personal growth.

Student Leadership Roadmap

The SL unit continues to step up its student engagement and leadership developmental efforts through:  

1) Driving  the Student Leadership Training Roadmap

Through a continuum of training and developmental programmes, student leaders  are equipped with essential leadership and team management skills to increase their organisational effectiveness and advance co-curricular needs in their CCAs . Such workshops or courses offered in the roadmap include:

2) Providing leadership opportunities and social support to student leaders

Student leaders are offered ample opportunities in leadership appointments and in the organising of university-wide events. The unit  empowers and supports student leaders via:

•  creating opportunities to serve and lead the community in leadership positions;

•  supporting the organisation of university-wide activities such as Freshmen Team Building Camp, Vivace CCA Day, SMU Challenge etc;

•  engagement with administrative departments whose work impact student life and student welfare, governance and leadership

3) Offering opportunities for global exposure

Apart from the opportunities presented to them from SMU, student leaders have a chance to participate in subsidised leadership exchange-cum-study trips to reputable overseas institutions.

There, they stand to gain the invaluable experience of connecting with their international peers and learning the best global practices in student governance and leadership.


Last updated on 12 Oct 2015 .