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The Office of Student Life(OSL) encourages meaningful participation in co-curricular activities for an active and balanced life, complementing the educational mission of the university. It promotes the arts, sports and adventure, while encouraging the spirit of leadership for students to learn, serve and lead by example.

Co-curricular activities, abbreviated as CCA, exist at both recreational and competitive levels supported mainly by student clubs, while customised excellence programmes - whether in the arts or sports - are pursued through the support of the office.Special interests, like debating and animal welfare advocacy, and community service as in serving the Red Cross, are also encouraged for students to broaden their interests and play a bigger role in society.

Under the banner of community leadership, OSL works closely with student leadership groups like the SMU Student Association, the SMU Ambassadorial Corps, and specially formed student committees to organise university-wide events such as Opening of the Academic Year, Freshmen orientation Camp, Patron's Day, SMU Arts Festival, just to name a few. Opportunities abound for a rich and fulfilling student life outside the classroom. SMU students will find it a challenge balancing studies, career plans and pursuing CCA interests. This, however, prepares SMU students as matured all-rounders for life after graduation. The amazing thing is that many alumni do come back to continue their CCA interests and participate in student life.

Student life at SMU is exciting, vibrant, and diverse!

Last updated on 08 Dec 2015 .