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University Wide Events

Semester One Events

Freshmen Team-Building

July & August

The Freshmen Orientation Camp (FOC) is organised by the SMU Students’ Association and the Office of Student Life (OSL). This is where freshmen get introduced to SMU's unique culture, the SMU CIRCLE values and SMU LifeLessons. For many freshmen, this fun filled and meaningful experiential camp where abiding friendships are built and the foundations are laid for their very own SMU experience. 



Commencement celebrates the completion of an undergraduate's journey at SMU with a formal ceremony. Featuring heartfelt performances by graduands as they undergo their graduation ceremony, Commencement promises to be the final rite-of-passage to remember for all graduates.



As you get ready to embark on the exciting and enriching journey with SMU, we help you mark the occasion with this special event. On hand to welcome you into the SMU family will be the Chancellor, Chairman, President and Provost, Board of Trustees, Deans, faculty, staff and seniors. Parents and guardians of our freshmen are also invited to attend. The event, organised by your seniors, is a dignified, yet vibrant celebration of the start to academic life at SMU.

SMU Peace Day


SMU Peace Day is observed on 21 September every year, in conjunction with the UN International Day of Peace. It commemorates the spirit of peace among nations, and reinforces the message that peace should not be taken for granted.

Signature events during Peace Day include the traditional Peace Pledge, said at noon, and the observance of a minute's silence to remember those who fought for peace. Other events include forums, peace-related art exhibitions, and the Peace Run, in conjunction with SMU RunAbout.



SMU Arts Festival is an annual celebration of the creativity and artistic flair of students from over 20 SMU Arts Clubs. In 2016, we had over 30 events staged by more than 500 students and alumni, over a period of 14 days. Enter the space that budding artists have created for you to immerse and participate in their interpretation of the Arts. To learn more visit  

Semester Two Events

Patron's Day


Patron's Day is a day when the SMU community gets together to celebrate the university's birthday.

SMU celebrated its history and origin on Patron's Day 2013 with an old-school carnival at Campus Green with performances and humourous reflections on university life by SMU students and a host of well-known local celebrities including Singapore's most notorious drag queen and stand-up comedienne Kumar, popular a-capella group Budak Pantai, veteran local band Jive Talking and the ever-funny comic sketch group Chestnuts.



Last updated on 20 Jun 2014 .